The goal of this site is simple.

This site exists for one reason. My own obsession to try and create code perfection. Is it perfection? Far from it. Will it ever be? Most likely not. But it is leaps and bounds from the coding nightmares I used to create.

I would sum up my goal as this:

To achieve separation of markup and presentation while implementing the cleanest code possible using only CSS and XHTML.

I am not a professional web developer. I am what is known in the technical field as a "hack". I have average to above average knowledge in web development, SQL, programming, and networking but master of none.

I have always enjoyed creating websites and the simplistic beauty of what cssZenGarden was trying to convey really inspired me. I decided to turn my own site into a learning experience that I can continuously tweek and improve.

I am not sure what this project will turn into but I can say I have enjoyed the journey so far.