Battle Beyond the Stars

Battle Beyond the Stars was one of my many favorite movies from my childhood. This one ranks pretty high, almost as high as Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars.

This 1980 movie stars Richard Thomas (yes, John Boy Walton) who is a farmer that volunteers to travel into space and hire mercenaries to thwart off an impending invasion. This was designed to be a space aged version of The Magnificent Seven.

As the trailers says there are many other famous people in this movie such as George Peppard from the A-Team, Robert Vaughn who plays my favorite character in the movie,  and John Saxon who always plays a good villain.

A good watch if you are a 70s child. 🙂

The Starlost from 1973

I received disc 1 of this series during the weekend. We had a rainy day on Sunday, so that made it a good day to kick back and watch some old Scifi. Unfortunately I couldn’t get into this series.

I hadn’t watched this when I was younger, but the concept was pretty cool. It is about a giant spaceship called the Ark which is comprised of possibly a hundred of small, self contained domes that people have never left. Now imagine having lived on this spaceship for so many generations that you no longer even know it is a spaceship. This dome is the world as you know it.

The effects are extremely cheese but I am okay with that. I can handle bad special effects but I have a hard time watching dry acting. I had the same problem when I watched Space:1999. I loved the show when I was younger but as an adult, the acting was horrid.

Well anyway, a lot of people do like this show and it might have gotten better if I had given it a better chance.

Westworld – 1973

Westworld, the amusement park for the rich. This was sort of a Fantasy Island scifi adventure. Unlike Fantasy Island, who’s vacationers interact with live people, Westworld vacationers interact with robots. That is until the cowboy robot (played by Yule Brynner) goes awry.

Definitely one of my favorites from the 70s. 🙂

Soylent Green from 1973

What is the secret of Soylent Green?

Another sci-fi favorite of mine from the 70s. 🙂

A sad piece of IMDB Trivia: “When Thorn discovers that he is too late to stop Sol’s suicide, he begins to cry. According to a 1997 interview with Robert Osborne on Turner Classic Movies, Charlton Heston was really crying because he was so moved by Edward G. Robinson’s performance. Robinson knew he was dying from cancer and kept it from the cast and crew. He knew this would be his last film, and his death scene was the last scene he ever filmed. He died just ten days after shooting wrapped. “

Silent Running

This is my favorite space movie of all time! I never missed a rerun when I could find it. But now it is out on DVD so I can watch it anytime I want!

Silent Running from 1972
Silent Running from 1972
(Shocked that it isn’t Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica aren’t you.)

The story is about a man (Bruce Dern) who is a forester and is in charge of  taking care of Earth’s last remaining plant life with the help of his two robot friends Huey and Dewey.

Freeman Lowell and the Robots Planting Trees
Freeman Lowell and the Robots Planting Trees

The plant life is located in domes attached to the space ship Valley Forge. But when Earth sends a message to jettison the domes and come back home, Freeman can’t bring himself to let the last of Earth’s plants to be destroyed.

Valley Forge Ship
Valley Forge Ship

(*Spoiler*) The ending of the movie makes me sad every time I watch it. I never understood why he didn’t let the other robot stay with Dewey. I know he wasn’t working very well but still…
(I just realized that the movie is posted on youtube in parts.)