Major Matt Mason Assortment from 1970

I didn’t have any of these accessories (excluding the Major Matt Mason figure of course) but some of these look pretty cool. I like the XRG-1 Reentry Glider. It says that it would fly for 100 feet! That would have been a lot of fun.

I am not sold on the Programmable Space Vehicle though. Anybody have that as a kid? We had shag carpets all thru the house and I doubt it would have worked very well. (Lol)

Scorpio the Lighted Alien also looks pretty cool. (All this stuff is making me want to rebuild my Major Matt Mason collection.)

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Major Matt Mason Assortment from 1970
Major Matt Mason Assortment from 1970

Major Matt Mason Vehicles

Here are some more Major Matt Mason vehicles. We have the Uni-Tred and the Convoy Tractor. I don’t remember having either of these vehicles but I know that I had the missile launcher that is on the last cargo vehicle in the Convoy. I am going to have to do some more digging into Matt Mason accessories to see if I can recall.

Major Matt Mason Vehicles from 1969
Major Matt Mason Vehicles from 1969

Major Matt Mason and the Space Station – The 70s Greatest Toy Ever

Merry Christmas!

And this being Christmas Day, what better day to discuss the greatest 70s toy I ever owned, Major Matt Mason and the Man in Space – Space Station.

My parents gave me this Christmas present probably when I was in first grade. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how long I played with. After my Matt Mason figures broke (the wires inside would snap off and come thru the bodies) I was still using this space station with the Star Wars characters which would have been around 1979. I would guess the Space Station was in commission for at least 10 years.

Major Matt Mason - The greatest gift of all time
Major Matt Mason – The greatest gift of all time

Yes..  this is actually me opening up the greatest Christmas gift of all time.
(Sadly, I think my Mom still has this wrapping paper in the closet!)

Aside from the Matt Mason figures, the toy line was very durable. I did manage to break one of the clear blue shields, but I figured out an ingenious way to fix that problem. (Well ingenious to me as a child.)

I cut out a cardboard shape similar to the shape of the blue shield and wrapped the cardboard in tin foil. I then cut out the same shape, just a tad smaller,¬† from black construction paper and attached it to the tin foil. The final step was to cut out pictures of “x-wings” and “tie fighters” from the Sears Christmas Wish book and pasting them to the construction paper. With the help of some white chalk to make stars… voila!, instant viewing screen for the space station.

My wife bought me one of these recently for Christmas still in the box from Ebay. It isn’t complete, but I will complete it shortly. I am missing three of the orange girders and one of the blue shields, but it was still a great trip down memory lane looking thru all the parts and remembering how much fun I had. Though I have to admit… the box seemed a lot bigger when I was a child.