One year later…

So… yeah. It has been just over a year since my last post.

Last year was a really bad year. The only one part of last year that I even want to (or would) talk about is my mom. She is now in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

You would think, as the creator of a website dedicated to memories of yesteryear, that I would double down and post, post, post. It’s funny how things work, because I just sort of crawled into a hole and stayed there.

I had thought that Mom broke the chain. Her father had Alzheimer’s and he died in his 60’s. So it was kind of a rude awakening to see this disease finally come to light, as she is nearing her 80’s. The selfish side of me sees the grim reminder that statistically I have a good chance of being next and that scares the hell out of me. (That was one of my mom’s greatest fears too. Like mother like son I guess.)

I spent last Christmas with my parents. We had a really, really good Christmas. We talked about the past, mostly about the many things I did when I was a child, and even though Mom didn’t remember them, she still found the stories funny.  Many of those stories are posted here.

I guess that was what I needed to come back here, after a year, and continue. Today, I moved my website to a faster web-hosting company, and I am going to start posting again. (I will also be editing some older posts as the quality of the content is severely lacking.)

Thank you, to all of those who left comments but did not get a response. I have read them all and I have always appreciated those stories.  Anytime a post of mine can bring a smile to someone’s face, that post has done it’s job.

Energy Crisis of 1979

I was watching some older McDonald’s commercials when I ran across this one.

I was thinking “Hey, I remember that commercial.” but when I was a child I didn’t understand what it was all about. I would have been around 13 years old then, but I do not have any memories about that gas shortages. Maybe it had to do with the fact that we lived in a small rural town, so I didn’t see the long lines at the gas pump.

Through the eyes of the child, the world is still a magical place, and we don’t always understand the real problems of the world that is going on around us. It reminds me of my father. I have talked with him several times about WWII. He was 7 when Pearl Harbor was bombed, and he said he can remember seeing the bombers flying in the sky but it didn’t mean anything to him. He had no idea what was really going on in the world.

How ironic that the same issues exist today that occurred in 1979. (For us in the states anyway.)


Tom Waits Part 2

I wanted to talk a bit more about Tom Waits. I can really relate to him in one way. It seems to me he has (had?) a real aversion to the public. That was one arena he did not seem to be comfortable with, but was forced to take part of due to his popularity.

I have a fond memory about a story that a friend told me about when we were shooting the breeze. I used to go to a lot of parties at her house when I was younger. I would arrive at the party, nod my head, smile if needed, grab a beer, and then sneak outside to the front or back porch and watch the night sky. That was were I felt comfortable. I really enjoyed my friends company, but not when her house was full.

One day we were just sitting around talking about various things when she told me that during those parties people would tell her that they better check on me. She would stop them dead in their tracks and tell them I am fine and basically not to bother me. She was one of the few people that actually understood me. She knew I was right were I wanted to be.

When I see this Tom Waits interview I just get that same feeling that he was like us. Amazingly he is not drunk or high. He was just extremely uncomfortable. Martha has had a few discussions about introverts in her blog posts. I think she will be able to relate to this interview as well.

Tom Waits, and other things…

It has been months since my last post, which I apologize to those of you who are regular visitors. Life has been busy and though the blog itself does not take up a lot of my time, I just wanted one less thing to worry about for awhile.

I have no desire to stop contributing to this blog. I loved the 70s and that era has my happiest memories. I just can’t commit to regular posting at this time. (Which sadly is a basic requirement for a successful blog.) Yet this blog is a remembrance blog, and as long as I bring a smile to someone’s face, as they recall their own fond memories the 70s, then this blog IS a success for me. Because that is what its all about.

Now for Tom Waits.

I can really appreciate YouTube. Not only is it a great source of 70s memorabilia, but it really pinpoints the time when things have happened.

For example, Tom Waits. I heard him sing on a late show in the early 80s and I fell in love with his music. I didn’t know who he was or even the name of the song because I was clicking thru channels and caught him during his performance. I never forgot that song though and searched for it for years. After the internet had grown up, I was able to find that song on YouTube.

I now know that on December 21st of 1983 (between 11pm and 12am?) I saw this performance and became an instant Tom Waits fan.

Tom Waits – On the Nickel



Schoolhouse Rock Tuesday: Luck Seven Sampson

The two things that I always remembered about this video was the number 7 on the rabbits foot and the circle around his eye.

Now you can call me Lucky, because Lucky’s my name
Singing and dancing, that’s my game
I never did a whole day’s work in my life
Still everything seems to turn out right
Like a grasshopper on a summer’s day
I just love to play
And pass the time away
Because I was born beneath a lucky star
They said I’d go far

Making people happy, that’s my favorite game
Lucky Seven is my natural name
Slipping and sliding my whole life through
Still I get everything done that I got to do
Because I was born beneath a lucky star

School is where you are?
Aw, that’s not hard
Let me show you something

You multiply seven times one
I got seven days to get that problem done
Multiply seven times two
Take 14 laughs when you’re feeling blue
Multiply seven times three
A 21-day vacation you can play with me
Multiply seven times four
You got 28 days (that’s-a one month more)
To pay the mortgage on your store
Don’t worry, something will turn up!

Multiply seven times five
I don’t know how you did it, but man alive, that’s 35
Multiply seven times six
Grab a stick and make a 42 clickety-clicks
Multiply seven times seven
Take 49 steps right up to seventh heaven
Multiply seven times eight
They got 56 flavors and I just can’t wait
Multiply seven times nine
63 musicians, all friends of mine
Multiply seven times ten
And that brings you right back to 70 again

You know, I think that’s important
There’s a trick there somewhere

Multiply seven times eleven
Even a rabbit knows that’s 70 plus seven
Multiply seven times twelve
You got 84, and isn’t that swell
I’m going to try seven times 13, just for fun
70 plus 21
Seven times 14 must be great
Well, exactly, that’s a 70 plus 28
Seven times 15, man alive
That’s 70 plus 35 . . . a hundred and five!

Man, this stuff is simple, no jive
You got it, now I got to fly
Excuse me folks, I’m saying goodbye
I sure do thank you for the huckleberry pie
Take it home, boys

Remember Lucky Seven Sampson, that’s my natural born name
If you should ask me again, I’d have to tell you the same
You’ll wake up tomorrow, you’ll be glad that I came
Because you’ll be singing one of the songs that I sang
So keep a happy outlook and be good to your friend
And maybe I’ll pass this way again


Hey you guuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyysssssssss!

I am sure many of you will remember The Electric Company. 🙂

The Electric Company was designed for elementary kids who had moved on from Sesame Street.  The show aired from 1971 thru 1977 for a whopping total of 780 episodes! Several well known actors such as Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman performed regularly on this series.

Do you remember Letterman? I didn’t realize until now that the voice of Letterman is Gene Wilder.

As far as educational shows that I watched as a child, this would have been one of my favorites.