I am still here

I am still here, and will start posting again this week. We had to move my mother to a home, her dementia had gotten to the point that my dad could not take care of her anymore. I flew home so that I could spend some time with her before she went. It was a good trip. Some of the time she knew who I was, the rest of the time she thought I was her brother. Regardless, I got to spend some quality time with her and that is all that matters.


sorry to hear about your mum. my mum died in january. it’s a hard time.

thanks for the blog – i practically live in a nostalgic 70s daydream – oh for a time machine set for ’76 (which i fondly remember as the best year ever). such a wonderful, innocent, simple time to be a boy. i feel bad for today’s kids and what passes for a ‘childhood’ these days by comparison. our freedoms (which would largely be disallowed now in case of one perceived danger or another – health and safety etc.) fired our imaginations.
and we had actual seasons with actual, warm, long summers. great days.


Thank you Tom for this post. I hate bringing my personal life here because people come here to enjoy the articles. It is rough, and I haven’t posted anything forever just because nothing is the same, doesn’t feel right.


I remember the joy I felt st seeing battleground play set under the tree in 72. Don’t make them like that anymore. Sorry about your mom. I know the pain. You can’t go home again


I saw your pic from Christmas 1971 brings back memories. I was 7. We were blessed to live in what I feel was the last best time for America. Time goes by too soon

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