Soccer Tables from 1974

or as I have always known it, Foosball.

I can still remember seeing my first Foosball table. My grandparents where “dorm parents” for a college in Kansas. (This was back when adults monitored students in dormitories. I think a few colleges still do this.) Anyway I was visiting my grandparents in the late 70s, and I went to the dorm cafeteria where I first saw a Foosball table. The students quickly showed me how to play and I was quickly beaten. (lol)

But I was amazed at how fast some of those kids where on those tables. In a blink of an eye they could send that speeding like a bullet into a goal.

Soccer Table from 1974
Soccer Table from 1974
Mark Doherty

Yes indeed how the ’70s were a simpler time! We had fun without computers/internet/ or bring glued to cellphones; people stuck together more and families were a unit! Every Sunday we attended church, played outside with our friends and enjoyed the toys of the day! I grew up during the ’70s and lived through into the ’80s which were also a great decade as well!

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