Hot Wheels Thundershift 500 from 1976

Wasn’t this like the king of all Hot Wheel tracks? I can still remember the commercials for this bad boy.

Hot Wheels Thundershift 500 Race Track
Hot Wheels Thundershift 500 Race Track

I always wanted one of those tire cases, even though I didn’t have enough Hot Wheels cars to put in it. I might have made a full case if I combined my Hot Wheels with my Matchbox.

wind power

Green living ideas are important in showing people how to conserve energy and turn that conservation into meaningful energy savings.
Further, even if solar and wind generation increases at 10% year-over-year for an additional thirty years like
the growth of China, nevertheless won’t equal the amount of coal that we use.

“Windfarms” or clusters of wind turbines are being used everywhere in the world.

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