One of my biggest regrets…

While looking at all of the pictures of our old house, all the memories that came flooding back to me made me realize that I do have a regret from my childhood.

I should have lived every day to it’s fullest.  It was the outdoor adventures that gave me the most memories. There were sunny days that I spent inside playing with my Johnny West figures or working on my model train set. I should have spent those days enjoying the sun, watching clouds, playing in the creek, and seeing what wonders nature had produced. That other stuff could have waited for rainy and winter days.

I did spend a lot of time outside, but it could have been more. Sometimes when I read Calvin and Hobbes comics I think “Wow, did that kid know how to live.” They say hindsight is 20/20, but boy do I wish I could get another crack at being a kid.

How about you? Do you every wish you could do it all over again?

Bart 66

I have very good memories about my childhood.
We played outside a lot on the farm.
Friends always came over.
Even on rainy days we played “outside” in de farm buildings.
But we played inside to with the legos and other stuff.
would do it the same way again.

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