I am looking for the name of a movie…

I have searched many times on Google, trying to figure out a movie that I saw as a teen. If anyone can help me come up with a name, I would be grateful.

The movie was about two robots that are traveling together after the world collapses. (I can’t remember why the world was in ruins.) I want to say the two robots where loosely based on and sort of looked like Laurel and Hardy. I remember one scene where they came across a man dragging a suitcase full of money which, of course, was silly since money had no value anymore. I also believe it was on PBS so I am sure it had some kind of environmental theme to it.

Anyway it was one of those movies that parts of it have stayed with me for years. I have been pretty lucky in figuring out most of those movies and was able to buy or download them. This one escapes me though. I can’t find any information on the internet based on what I remember. (Which makes me wonder if some of those memories are false.)

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