School Hell Part 1

There really is no purpose to this post. Just something that needed saying.


Me and school did not get along, which I have mentioned many times before. Oddly enough, I did not hate school because of a slew of bad experiences, though I didn’t have a lot of great experiences either. I began school in a bigger city (around 18,000 people) were I was quickly introduced to bullying. I still remember this one particular day when a kid threatened to beat me up if I took the bus home. So I waited around on the playground and cried until all the buses left, because I didn’t know what else to do. I was in kindergarten when that happened and very clueless to how life worked. (This probably is when I came to realize, that for the most part, people suck.)

Surprisingly, I was a sort of a gifted child. I say surprisingly because if you had seen my high school grades you wouldn’t think that about me. I wasn’t an eleven year old college student gifted, but I was smart for my age. I think Mom said at that time I was in the top 1% of our state for that age. The school system wanted to put me in advanced classes but my parents decided against it. My folks wanted me to be with kids my own age. I completely understand their decision and I don’t blame them one bit. If I was in the same situation, it would be a tough call for me to make. But unfortunately, I probably should have been placed in the advanced classes because I quickly grew bored of school. Watching the clock until 3:15 had become an art form for me. But there were many other issues as well.

First of all I didn’t click with the kids in my school so it probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway. I was a misfit. I was scrawny, had zero knowledge on how to play sports, was physically uncoordinated, had almost no tan, and overall just an odd person. (My grandfather use to tell everyone that I walked to the beat of my own drum.)

Secondly, my kindergarten or first grade teacher (I really don’t remember which) told my parents that she felt something was wrong with me. Her reasoning for this? Because I painted everything black. Really? Is that your professional opinion? Maybe you should just stick with teaching because I happen to like black. It has been my favorite color my entire life, even to this very day.

Thirdly, I don’t think I had any friends at this school. I can’t remember them if I did. In fact I don’t have any good memories from those first two years at school period. That tells me something right there, because I have plenty of good memories about being at home.

It wasn’t much later, sometime during the second grade, when we moved to a small country town. This town had a whopping population of 1,000. The school here was basically made up of all farm kids and it was bully free. Even better yet, I made three friends.

I will talk about this new school in part 2.


Such a great post! Your teacher really jumped the gun on the colour black. Sometimes the knee jerk reaction to playing psychologist is a little annoying. One of my husband’s favourite colours is black. So what? It’s just a colour he likes.

Perhaps some of the things you went through were a result of being an introvert. Introverts are very selective about friends, and sometimes end up alone for awhile until they find the right ones. And your grandfather hit the nail on the head when he said that you ‘walked to the beat of your own drum’. A classic descrption of an introvert if I ever heard one.

And it sounds like you were very bored in your class. I’ve never liked how the education system is set up because it teaches all the children in the same manner. And I don’t think every child can be taught the same way. I’m not sure what needs to change, so I don’t have any reasonable suggestions, but I don’t think this is the right way to go. I believe that a lot of kids end up dropping out because they are not challenged enough and they become restless and bored.

Anyway, looking forward to reading more!


I have no doubt that introvert was a big part of it. I am curious if you are born an introvert, or if it is a lifestyle we choose. Environment may have a lot to do with it too. I have always lived in the country. I played by myself most of the time, as my brother was five years older than me. I remember a point in time when my brothers and my own interest in toys were close, but as I was getting into the early teen toys… he was growing out of the toy stage. So for the most part it was just me creating my own entertainment.

The school system is broken. Like you, I have no idea how to fix it. A lot of talent is going to waste because you have to teach everyone at the same speed. Maybe instead of grades everything goes just by a class. So I am excelling in math, I take math classes with older kids, but the rest of my studies are with my own age kids. Then again if you excel in everything you leave kids your age behind.


You and I sound like we had about the same school life growing up…. 5th and 6th grade, and then Junior high was the worst for me. I had zero interest in sports, was not athletically coordinated, I was above average grades / intelligence compared to my peers. Out of the kids in my class (about 225 – 250 per grade level), I have one friend that I made in 7th grade, and we are still very close, talking daily. Everyone else from school I have no use for. I completely understand how you felt, and that “lost” feeling you get, when you really don’t fit in with the other kids.


Hi Dan and thanks for stopping by and posting. We had really similar lives in school. If you get a chance to see part 2, which I hope I get finished and posted tomorrow, that it becomes even more similar. “Lost” is a perfect word for it.


Wow…other than the black thing, sounds a whole lot like me… Oh, and the bullying thing – when that was tried on me, I bloodied their nose;only took a couple of times for that crap to stop and had no problems til we moved and started the cycle once more.
Just stumbled into your blog and just noticed the dates…looks like its abandoned. oh well – I’ll enjoy looking at it anyway.

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