Balsa Wood Airplanes with Rubber Bands

I was looking for a post today, in one of the catalogs, when I spied an ad for a remote control airplane. The shape of the plane triggered a memory about those cheap dime store balsa wood airplanes that mom and dad would get for us now and then back in the 70s.

There were two kinds that we had, with and without rubber bands. I remember the kits would come on a sheet of balsa wood where you punched them out with your fingers and then assembled the plane. I eventually switched to an x-acto knife because the balsa would sometimes break when you used your fingers to punch it out. The ones that came with rubber bands had a plastic propeller that you could wind up the rubber band with and then let her fly.

They never seemed  to last very long though. We could get a couple days of play time out of them, but those really bad crash dives always seemed to crack the balsa of the plane. They were a lot of fun non the less.

Do you remember these?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Yes, I remember these planes very well! I think some kids in the neighbourhood had them. I’m not sure if we did; I can’t quite remember. But I can clearly remember winding up the plastic propellers and letting them fly. They certainly did not last long but they were a lot of fun!! đŸ™‚

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