Big Jim Action Figure Assortment from Eatons 1973

I was not a Big Jim guy, I was more into G. I. Joe, but they seem very similar.

Big Jim Action Figure Assortment
Big Jim Action Figure Assortment
(Big Jim had a lot of cool accessories. The Sports Camper, Boat and Buggy, Camping Tent,  and a Rescue Rig are pictured here.)

Big Jim seems to be a Ken doll on steroids. Where as my G.I. Joe had battle scars on his face, Big Jim has almost a model look to him and lots of bulging muscles.  (If Barbie ever sets her eyes on him, Ken maybe looking for new girlfriend!)

Well… Big Jim might be able to beat G. I . Joe at arm wrestling, but I bet he can’t out run a sniper rifle.

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