8mm Projectors from 1972

The first projector we had came from a garage sale. Mom bought it sometime in the late 70s.

8MM Movie Projectors from 19728MM Movie Projectors from 1972
8mm Movie Projectors from 1972

Ours came with a couple of movies, one being a favorite of mine called “Earth vs the Flying Saucers”. Woot! We also had some cartoons and a Laurel and Hardy movie, which you can never go wrong with one of those.

It was kind of fun sitting in our bedroom watching movies projected on the wall. We even had some home movies that someone had filmed on their 8mm. One of them was a parade where I was a “King” and riding around in a convertible. I was like four years old and crying the whole time. Hey… I am an introvert, stop putting me in the spotlight! 🙂


Wow, ancient technology or what! I can only imagine the hours of fun you had with your projector. Do you still have any of the footage? My mother-in-law had all of their 8mm transferred to dvd’s a few years ago – along with the slides. Although we still have the originals, I think it was a smart move.


Hahaha…loved that last line! I’d be cryin, too, if forced into the spotlight. Hated that when I was a kid. Pretty much still do.

This is definitely ancient technology, but back then it was fun. Do you still have those homemade movies? That would be amazing to have now.


I wonder if I was an introvert all the way back then. Or is that learned behavior? I think they still do have them so I am going to see if they have thought about transferring them to DVD.


Great story, dad passed on the old 8mm camera and projector that he had in the early 70’s. We have it on display at our home. He also transferred all of the 8mm film to dvd a couple of years back. It’s great being able to watch some of those old films of us as younger kids.

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