The Rookies Action Figures from 1975

When I first looked at this ad I thought it was for a generic police action figure to coincide with all of the cop shows that were popular in the 70s. As I started to read the description, it described them as TV Superstars.

The Rookies Action Figures from 1975
The Rookies Action Figures from 1975

So I looked up “The Rookies” on the IMDB website and sure enough, this was a police show that ran from 1972 thru 1976.

I do not recall this series at all.


I don’t recall this either, but what’s weird is that the actors in it are all very familiar, so I’m thinking that I must have seen it at some point. Perhaps I just didn’t watch it regularly, so the memories are hazy.


I almost feel like I do remember this one. Oh so 70’s, what with the music, colours and ‘graphics’ (ha!). Has a very Starsky & Hutch feel to it. Interesting to see Kate Jackson in this one.


For some reason I love listening to and watching all those old music scores and effects. When the grind house movie came out a few years ago, complete with scratches in the film, I actually smiled while I watched it. That was nostalgic bliss for me.

larry PALMER

i remember the show and the toys , this came fromthe same folks as SWAT,STARSKY AND HUTCH…..BARETTA, CHARLIE ANGELS.ETC//ARON SPELLING COMPANY.

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