Green Stamps

Do you remember Green Stamps?

It was interesting to find out that trading stamps became popular in the US as far back as 1896! Retailers would buy stamps from Sperry & Hutchinson and then give them to customers, who in turn would trade them back to S&H for various items.

The Green Stamps which we were familiar with are very similar. They were from the Green Shield Trading Stamp Co. which was established in 1958. It was popular in the 60s and 70s, but rising cost of inflation in the 70s caused the value of the stamps to go down. The Green Stamp sales were eventually suspended in 1983.

I remember my mother having a few of those books but we kids never decided what to get. So we didn’t have to go thru the whole Brady Bunch house of cards episode. (lol) I think my mother turned them in for new pots and pans if I recall correctly.

Do you get anything cool with Green Stamps?


We never had green stamps here in Canada that I can recall – but we have Canadian Tire money, lol! You get a certain percentage back with each purchase (it feels just like actual bills, with different denominations) and can be used as ‘cash’ in-store on any purchase. We pretty much always have a stack of it here (Canadian Tire is a hardware store) and it comes in handy – a few times we haven’t had to spend a cent – just used our CT money 🙂 I kind of think loyalty reward points (like the ones I collect at The Bay, Home Outfitters and Zellers – which sadly, recently closed their doors) are more along the same line as green stamps. These 3 companies all have the same parent company and there’s a catalogue from which you can redeem them for household items – I’ve gotten a number of good things over the years, (small appliances) but it seems to take forever to accumulate any kind of a balance!


Is it kind of like paying you to recycle tires? That is actually a cool concept. That could be done with anything. Cans, bottles, rubber, plastic and paper. That would give a whole new incentive to recycle! Here in the USA we have to pay a disposal fee for tires. If I am not mistaken I think they are ground up and used for new roads so not sure why we have to pay a fee.


Canadian Tire does sell/install tires and vehicle repair, but no recycling. They sell everything from household appliances, cleaning supplies, paint/supplies, camping/sporting equipment to seasonal stuff: gardening/Christmas decorations. We end up shopping there quite often. I don’t know what is done with used tires here (not my department, lol) – but recycling them into roads is a fantastic idea.


I don’t remember any stamps either, but Canadian Tire money? Oh yeah! I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life where it wasn’t stacked up in some drawer. We have about 30 or 40 dollars worth in our home right now. And like Jane said, the rewards points are pretty cool, too. I also have gotten some decent things and some gift cards over the years from Zellers, which is being taken over by Target.


Target is my favorite place to shop. The isles are wide and you can still find employees who work there and usually almost no waiting at the checkout. Walmart and Kmart I am done with for good.


I remember the S&H stamps very well. The local supermarkets (Furrs, Piggly Wiggly or United) issued these with every purchase, the larger the purchase the more green stamps you received. Mom would always have my brother and me gluing the stamps to the booklets. If memory serves each full booklet was worth around $2, not a lot of money considering the amount of work involved. Mom would usually purchase some household items with the green stamp booklets, on occasion she would get us a toy. I believe she bought us a fire engine set one time. Not very good quality if I recall, because either the tires fell off or the ladder not sure which.


I think you are correct. $2 per book sounds about right. We got stuck with putting the stamps in the book also. (lol) I have to ask my Mom if she ever picked out toys from us with the food stamps. The only thing I can remember were the pots and pans. The kitchenware was decent though because she used them for a long time.

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