What was your first “PG” and “R” rated movie?

I grew up in a very strict family when it came to moral issues. I am sure a lot of kids who grew up in the 70s were raised the same way. I think that is one of the reasons I will never forget my first “PG” and “R” rated movies. It was one more step of being more like an adult.

There are only three genres of movies that I was (and still) really into. My favorites are:

1. Fantasy (The sword and sorcery type movies)

2. Science Fiction

3. Horror

My first “PG” movie that I was allowed to go see was “Star Wars”.  And I didn’t get to see it the first time around. It was the year after it’s initial release that my parents let me go see it. (That was after they asked others if it was okay for me to view.)

My first “R” rated movie, (and my parents would have never allowed it if they had known) was “Friday the 13th”.  I wasn’t scared one bit. Oh, I jumped when there was sudden noise but other than that I loved seeing horror on the big screen.

There were several movies that I went to later that had a special meaning to me and it had nothing to do with the movie itself. I still chuckle when I think about the 2nd “R” rated movie I went to. It was “Outland”, a science fiction movie starring Sean Connery. I still remember going to the ticket booth and they wouldn’t let me buy a ticket because of my age. So I had to go next door to where my mom was shopping and bring her over to the ticket counter. Her words still crack me up today. She said “His father said he could go.” Rofl, I don’t think mom wanted me going to that movie.

Another great memory I have is going to see “Flash Gordon” in 1980. That movie  has become one of my favorite movies of all time and it has nothing to do with the movie itself. It’s because my father went to see it with me. You would have to know my dad, movies were not his thing. With that movie, being as cheesy as it was, he probably hated watching 75 percent of it. But if he did hate it, he never said a word.

What where your first “PG” and “R” rated movies? Are there any movies in your childhood that meant a lot to you?


I went to see the horror film ‘When a Stranger Calls’ when it first came out. I think it was released in 1979, which would have made me 14. I’m not sure what rating it had, but it certainly wouldn’t have been less than PG. It was a very special movie because it was the first one that my best friend and I went to alone together. And when we left the theater and were walking towards the bus stop, the phone in the phone booth we walked by rang, which scared us to death! The timing was uncanny! Needless to say that we picked up the pace after that. LOL…

I also saw Star Wars in the summer of ’77, just a few months after it was released, and I was only 12 that year. That was a very exciting time! Throughout my teen years, I saw a lot of horror films. I love horror films!! And I also saw movies that maybe I shouldn’t have, movies that were rated just above our age, but we didn’t always tell our parents about them 🙂 Most of them were overly scary, or had some violence in them. A few were love stories with somewhat steamy scenes, but nothing compared to what is shown today.

I love your mom’s comment about your dad letting you go…LOL…:)


I looked that movie up and I think I have seen a remake of that. The plot was very similar. I will have to see if Netflix has the original for viewing. I think the telephone booth incident would be slightly disturbing too! lol I never had anything like that happen to me but I did get an eerie feeling after watching Children of the Corn in the theater. My girlfriend at the time lived out in the country and after dropping her off I had to drive home on a single lane road with full grown corn on both sides of me. Creepy.

It must have been in 78 when I went to see Star Wars. Was thinking it was 79 for some reason.


My parents also didn’t allow us to watch anything above a PG rating. I recall them taking us to watch Star Wars when it debuted in 1977. I was 5 at the time and wasn’t able to really follow the story line but recall being completely blown away by the special effects. Many action figures and toys soon followed.

It wasn’t until the early 80’s when we first had cable installed that I watched my first R-rated movie. This was the cable box that sat on the TV that you had to switch back/forth to go between regular programming and cable. Anyhow, the movie was “The Warriors” about a street gang trying to get back to their home turf in Coney Island and the other gangs they encounter along the way. Not much nudity but plenty of tough language and what I considered violence at the time. It’s a very mild movie compared to what is available now.

I also enjoy horror movies. My first scary movie was the original “Halloween” from 1978 with that great opening theme music. It wasn’t until the mid-80’s when I was in junior-high that mom rented us “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” on VHS. Now this was a far cry from Halloween, because the killer(s) appeared so much more factual and the violence/gore was more realistic. That scene where Leather Face grabs the one of the guys and then proceeds to slam the door behind him…still gives me chills.

My brother and I also enjoyed the updated version of Flash Gordon from 1980. Flash as a football player fighting Ming the Merciless, what a great name. If I recall “Queen” performed one of the songs to the movie. Anyhow, cool flick for the time…brings back memories of Battle Star Gallactica and to an extent Ark II and Jason of Star Command from Saturday mornings.


The Warriors is a great movie. I have that on DVD even today and still bring out now and then to watch. The fight scene with the Baseball Furies is a classic. I was surprised when I watched the extras. The movie was based on a modern version of 300. I never new that.

I have all of those other classics too. I have the boxed set of Battlestar Galactica and I have Jason of Star Command. Now Ark II I tried to watch again but the magic was gone. It was way, way to cheesy and poorly filmed. The very first episode I found so many mistakes in the video that I never even got any further.

Amy Lynn

My first PG movie was Grease. I was 9 and I really had to fight with my parents before they relented. In retrospect, they were probably right–it was pretty risque for a PG movie. Seeing it didn’t do me any harm, but I have a 9-year-old daughter now, and she won’t be watching it for a couple of years!


Hi Amy and thanks for stopping by! Grease is my wife’s favorite movie 🙂 I like your website. I am just about to fly out the door as I write this but I am going to come back and check it out more.

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