Some Grade School Memories

The town I grew up in only had a population of 1000 people. There was a grade school which taught kids from kindergarten to the 6th grade and a high school that taught kids from the 7th thru the 12th grade.

The grade school didn’t have a library per say. We had a book mobile that would come once a week. I don’t know what it was about book mobile day but I loved going into that bus and perusing all the books.

I don’t recall there ever being a reading time where we sat on the floor and listened to the teacher read to us. We had a reading period and a reading room,  which was similar to the library time that the high school had, where we could read books, magazines, and other things of that nature.

One of the things I remember about the reading room is at least once, maybe twice, a year they had posters for sale that you could buy. I don’t remember who provided them, maybe Scholastic? They were decent priced too. My folks would give me a couple of dollars to pick a few things to buy. One of the posters I bought was a picture of a kitten hanging on to the end of a rope with it’s claws and there was some motivational saying that went with it.

What I am wondering is any of you remember the posters being for sale that you could buy? I think they were a plethora of things you could buy like stickers, notebooks, and books. I was trying to remember who provided them and what the purpose was. Did the money go to the school or was it for a charity?



I don’t remember posters being sold at my school. I do remember Scholastic and how much I loved when my folks let me purchase something. But no posters. Perhaps I just didn’t notice.

Wow, a town of 1,000 people!! We definitely grew up in opposite worlds. I grew up in a city of over a million. What a contrast! Well, you certainly had more room to play, and probably had way more outdoor adventures.


Yes there was a lot more than just posters. Posters were more my thing back then. It probably was Scholastic that provided those then.

I first started going to school in a town of about 18 thousand but my parents moved to the small town when I was in 2nd grade. I lived in the country in both places but you are right, I had outdoor adventures everyday.


Our city (I use the term loosely) had a population of roughly 250K. Not small but not terribly large either. I don’t recall posters being available at elementary school (K-6th), but I do remember every year the library would have a book sale. That’s where I bought my copies of “Where the Red Fern Grows” and “The Cybil War”…books our teacher had introduced us to and that are still dear to me.


I think I am really missing out on some of the classics. I haven’t really pursued that path of books. When read a few at school, but I wouldn’t consider them all that great. Of all things to buy, a few years ago I purchased Shakespeare’s entire collection bound in leather. I do enjoy them when I have a chance to read them but I really have to focus on what I am reading.

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