Matchbox “Sea Fury” Pirate Action Figures

Here is a 70s toy that surprised me. Not the pirate set itself, but the fact it was made by Matchbox. I didn’t realize that they did other things besides toy cars.

Matchbox "Sea Fury" Pirate Action Figures from 1974
Matchbox “Sea Fury” Pirate Action Figures from 1974

I really like the looks of these and I think I would have enjoyed them as kid. 🙂


I’m surprised these are from Matchbox as well. The toys look to have plenty of detail, would have been nice if Matchbox continued with the action figure line. The figures remind me of the old Sinbad movies from the 70’s.


Sinbad! Yeah you are right it does look like them. I loved the Sinbad movies. My favorite one is the movie where he had to sword fight the skeletons. I thought the fight scene was the coolest thing.


I *did* enjoy these as a kid! I had the costume sets (Cap’n Blood & One-eye) and used them to modify a Boy-Scout action figure. The Sea-Fury playset was a reddish-vinyl over cardboard “galleon” that fell apart very quickly. The cannon had a spring in it and would launch the ram-rods across the room. Yeah for the internet. I had not remembered that Matchbox made it.

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