G.I. Joe and Hombre from 1975

It is time for some manly post. Well, manly from the viewpoint of a 70s child!

G.I. Joe and Hombre!

G.I. Joe and Hombre from 1975
G.I. Joe and Hombre from 1975

I don’t recall Hombre, but our G.I. Joes were very similar to what is pictured here. We had the fuzzy hair and beard, but he didn’t talk or have a kung fu grip.

The Sea Wolf submarine looks way cool. It submerges in water and has a view screen with it. I am already thinking of a ton of things that I would have used this for when I was a kid, but then I start to wonder how many of these ended up in the bottom of lakes! (I would have tried that one myself as well as taking it for a spin in an aquarium.) The tank would have been a blast too.

A great toy for a great time period.


I only had the smaller scale GI Joes that came out in the 80’s. The larger scale figures sure came with some nice accessories though and not a bad price either.


I didn’t have any of the small scale Joes. The Star Wars figures where the first ones I had of that size. The 12″ Joes where cool and mine had the fuzzy hair and beard. But after playing with him a lot some of the beard started coming off so I gave him a shave with a razor…

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