Beyond Tomorrow Lunar Spacestation

This post is really about the spaceman more than the whole set pictured here.

Beyond Tomorrow Lunar Space Station from 1977
Beyond Tomorrow Lunar Space Station from 1977

I don’t know if my spaceman came with any of the vehicles or buildings like those pictured above. I just remember that in the late 60s my dad had bought me some of the these plastic spacemen. I say bought, but they could have been hand me downs from my brother. I really liked these just as much as my army men.  Thru the years though, they shared the same fate as the army men. They were all eventually lost or broken.

A couple of years ago, my wife bought me a whole bag of these guys on Ebay. Boy did the memories come flooding back when I opened that gift! (Yes, sadly I think I am an over-sized kid. 🙁 )

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