Dime Store Parachute Guys

My wife and I were walking thru a Dollar Store when I spied a display of fuzzy worms. I immediately said “Hey, I had those when I was a kid.”


Basically, it was a fuzzy worm on a really thin and transparent string that you attached to a button on your shirt, which then allowed you to manipulate the string to do tricks.

But what this really brought back was memories of buying those little rubber parachutes guys at the dime store in the 70s. You wrapped their parachute around them and threw them up into the air. The chute would unravel and they would float to the ground. I loved those guys! I would play with them so much that the parachute would rip by the first day.

Do you remember those? Any other cheap dime store toys that you loved to play with in the 70s?


Another funtrip down memory lane 🙂 I do indeed remember (& played with) both of these novelty toys. I remember the parachutists being little green army men.


I didn’t play with these, but I did play this way with some toy mice. Same concept!

And I remember the parachute guys very well! That was so much fun. My brother played that game with my daughters when they were little. He tied small toy soldiers to parachutes that he made and threw them up into the air. The girls loved to watch them floating down. He was such a cool uncle!


Had some great time playing with the plastic army men with the parachute. More often than not the chute never opened or if it did it usually didn’t work as planned. Many an army toy thrown into the air only to fall back to earth, or on top of our roof, or worse the neighbors yard…good times.

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