Buck Rogers Toys from 1979

I had posted before about the Buck Rogers series starring Gil Gerard and Erin Gray. They had a really cool toy line out for this show.

Buck Roger Toys from 1979
Buck Roger Toys from 1979

Here we have the Interplanetary Star Fortress ( I don’t remember that from Buck Rogers, but okay), the Star Fighter and Draconian Marauder spacecraft, and an assortment of Buck Rogers figures. Don’t even think I didn’t notice Mego left out Erin Gray and Princess Ardala in the figure line up. How could you not include two of  greatest crushes from the late 70s? (No offense Cathrine Bach, you are still number 1 in my book! Lol.) I think they did have an Erin Gray figure but it just wasn’t sold thru this catalog.

It was about this time in my life that I started going thru the change where toys were becoming less and less a part of my life. I never asked for this set and my parents where buying me less action figures anyway. In three short years, computers will become a big part of my life.



I remember Buck Rogers very well, although I didn’t know about these toys. I’m actually surprised that the series only ran for two seasons. I expected it would have lasted longer than that.


I really liked the show. I am guessing that they had the same issues that Battlestar Galactica had. The cost of producing the show was becoming greater than the income of the commercials. And I didn’t really like the new Hawk character that they introduced in the second season. Not sure why the producers felt they needed to bring in another co-star.

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