Barbie 3 Story Townhouse

Holy cow! You must have it all when your townhouse comes with an elevator. 🙂

Barbie 3 Story Townhouse 1977
Barbie 3 Story Townhouse 1977

Though it looks to me that the rooms are not as spacious as the ad would proclaim, this play set is still huge, coming in at a whopping 3 1/2′ tall.

With all the talk about Barbie’s figure and it’s influence on our children, maybe we should look at her wealth! I demand equal play sets. Where is the Barbie 1 room apartment that comes with a rusted out pinto! lol


Hahaha, good one 🙂 Yes – I’d like to see the trailer court Barbie set – comes complete with a six-pack of beer and tattoos 🙂

(Just to be fair – I know a few people who live in trailer courts and have lovely well-kept homes)

I remember this one very well and $17.97 seems so cheap by today’s standards.


Har har har…this is so funny. Barbie has more stuff than my entire neighbourhood. So spoiled… I’d really like to see a humanitarian type Barbie; one that perhaps volunteers time in places like doctors without borders or greenpeace or peace corps or some such organization.

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