K-Tel records from the 70s

When you think of 70s commercials, you can’t help but think of K-Tel.


Paraphrased from Wiki: Philip Kives formed K-Tel in 1968.  He was a door to door salesman that sold products created by Seymour Popeil.  (Seymour Popeil is the father of Ron Popeil, who in turn is the founder of Ronco. I found that interesting.) In 1965 Philip had sold one million of the “Feather Touch Knives” (which were produced by Seymour) in Australia within a five month period!


Of course after you have bought several of the K-Tel records you need something to hold them!


And don’t forget you have to keep them clean. Ronco to the rescue!




This was a very entertaining walk down memory lane 🙂 I had to lol at how ridiculously low-tech commercial #2 was – and the ‘space-age design’ of the record selector made me chuckle. Great price though.


This was a really fun blast from the past! It really made me laugh. Who could forget the popular K-Tel records! That second commercial is a hoot; talk about cheesy tech effects!

Brian Smith

I am looking for a copy of a Ktel album i had years ago called Rock -n-Roll Fever it was a 2 album set..wish i could find it again!!!

Larry Ward

Far out stuff…..I still have a few original records & am looking to add more. I wish they would reproduce them at an affordable cost.


I think it is getting better with the digital downloads. My biggest pet peeve is that it seems like after the 70s, bands were cranking out albums just to crank them out. 1 or 2 songs are great and the rest are garbage. Back then you almost always liked the whole album. Now you can buy just the song you want, and I am beginning to some pride in album production again.

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