Barbie Live Action Go-Go Group

When I saw this I kind of chuckled. It reminded me of watching the Partridge Family and the Brady Bunch kids singing and dancing.

From 1971, the Barbie Live Action Go-Go Group:

Barbie Live Action Go Go Group 1971
Barbie Live Action Go Go Group 1971

The commercial is a bit fuzzy:

There are two words that come to mind when thinking about the dress style of the 70s: weird and wacky! Still. It was fun. There were some styles (if such a word can be applied to that era) that were lots of fun. And funky!

Paul Bruns

I am determined to find all of those live action dolls because my sister and I used to have them growing up and the records too….but haven’t seen them since 1972~!!!…I loved those dolls…and the records too~!!!

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