Barbie Dream Boat from 1975

My apologies for the late comment response and few posts last week. Seems like whenever I am gone for a week, the following week is a whirlwind.  I am excited to say, that yesterday, I picked up an electric guitar which was one of my goals for this year for learning something new. Enough of that… on to the 70s.

We are starting the week off with the Barbie Dream Boat. Barbie has it all, doesn’t she?  This boat was huge! At 4′ feet long that would about the same size as your child! Where on earth did our parents find places to put all of these large play sets.

Barbie Dream Boat from 1975
Barbie Dream Boat from 1975

I have noticed a lot of the toys in the 70s folded into convenient carrying cases. One of our army men play sets did the same thing. That was one of the toys we were allowed to take when we went some where because it was so hassle free. Is it the same way still these days?


Wow, that is a big toy! I don’t think I ever had anything that large when I was a child. Can’t imagine where my parents would put it.

Congratulations on your new guitar! That is definitely something fun to learn. Have fun with it.


Well named it was, as all I could do was dream of having it…! It is kind of neat how everything folded up so tidily.
Congrats on your guitar 🙂 I’m learning to knit in 2012.


Acoustic guitar last year and electric guitar this year. I have some other things I am attempting that I haven’t done before but I am seeing how that goes before I announce it to the general public lol.

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