Christmas Decorations from the 70s

Many of the outside ornaments where the same in the various catalogs. Here are few to look at. For some reason my dad did not do any outdoor decorating that I can think of. I remember having outdoor Christmas lights, but I can’t recall ever seeing them hung.

Christmas Lawn Decorations from 1972
Christmas Lawn Decorations from 1972

I wasn’t going to post anymore ornaments since I had already done so, but this one is more for me than anything. My mom had several of these ornaments on our tree.

Christmas Ornaments from Eaton 1973
Christmas Ornaments from Eaton 1973

Do any of you remember the satin bulbs? The satin was so easy to catch on other items which, of course, would fray really bad. We had the musical instruments too. I remember we used to keep pulling them off the tree and act like we were playing them when Christmas music was playing. I am beginning to think I drove my parents nuts on a daily basis.


Re the first pic – I guess that’s what they mean by decking the halls – yikes!

I recall the satin balls and that’s exactly what I remember… the fact that eventually they’d get caught on something (usually another ornament 🙂 and you’d have strings hanging down!

Up until a few years ago, I had these same musical ornaments hanging on my tree in gold (I had a victorian-themed tree.)


Lol. Yeah it is pretty bad.

I love the Victorian look on a Christmas tree. I go round and round whether I want a Victorian look or modern. It sounds crazy, but I really want to do a black Christmas tree with white lights and clear glass ornaments.


Oh yes, I remember ths satin bulbs!! We had an assortment of colours. They were beautiful at first…until they began coming apart; then they were awful. I have fond memories of decorating the tree with my family with these ornaments. Thanks for the lovely reminder.


Very welcome. Someday when I have a little money to burn I would love to go on Ebay and buy up some 70s decorations/lights and just do a 70s themed tree. I think that would be fun.

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