Super Elastic Bubble Plastic from Wham-O!

After watching the commercial for this magic material in the 70s I had to have it. Alas, Super Elastic Bubble Plastic turned out harder to make into a balloon than it seemed. I couldn’t get the substance to make anything. 🙁

Super Elastic Bubble Plastic from Wham-O!
Super Elastic Bubble Plastic from Wham-O!

The idea was to squirt a small amount of liquid into a small ball. Then you would insert the straw into the liquid and blow it up into a large balloon. The commercial below makes it so easy!

Super Elastic Bubble Plastic was discontinued in the 80s. The reason, according to Wiki, was due to noxious fumes that could be inhaled thru the straw.



“Noxious fumes that could be inhaled thru the straw.”

Har har har har har…love that! Noxious fumes, pesticides, toxic materials, etc; just a few of the many things we survived through 🙂


So true. I can remember my very first disappointment when child safety started going insane. I had saved up cereal box tops to get a free Boba Fett action figure. It had a missile you could launch from his backpack. Of course they took away that feature by the time it got to my house. It was permanently attached. 🙁


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