Star Bird from 1978

A smile crossed my face when I saw this in the Wards 1978 Wishbook. The Star Bird created by MB Electronics. This toy space ship was unique because it had motion sensors built into it. When you tilted the nose of the ship upwards an acceleration sound emitted from it, and of course when you tilted the nose down there was a deceleration sound.  The ship also had flashing laser guns that made a firing sound.

Star Bird 1978
Star Bird 1978

At the end of the commercial there is a launching station for the Star Bird. I don’t remember that at all. The station looks like it is gigantic. (You may need to turn the volume up for this one.)

I can tell from the commercial that a lot of space-age ‘technology’ went into the development of this toy lol! Love the uniforms they had on – very Star Treky.


Watching these commercials now as an adult is so funny. My brothers and I drooled over toys like this one. We never could have them, but there was always some kid, somewhere that did. And that kid become everyone’s best friend 🙂


Hi JD and thank you for stopping by. I never had the chance to play with one but I remember the commercials for it. My greatest present was Matt Mason and his Space Station. Played with the space station for 10 years at least.

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