WKBW Halloween Show 1973 – War of the Worlds

I have been doing a lot of posts on toys from the 70s lately, so I wanted to switch it up with one of my favorite 1970s broadcast of all time.

This is a Halloween broadcast from WKBW 1520 in Buffalo, New York featuring D.J. Shane Brother Shane. The player will play the show in it’s entirety, 36 chapters, which includes several commercials from that era. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I have. (You will need the flash player activated to listen to the broadcast.) There are four other stories after the War of the Worlds broadcast which are also enjoyable. I think I may re-post this every Halloween.

(Update: I originally pulled this post until I got permission to use it in my blog. The good folks at WWKB gave me permission to go ahead. Thank you WWKB!)

If you want to skip any part of the broadcast just click the next chapter arrow.

1 Intro-Don’t Turn Around
2 Sattlers Records: 120
3 War of the Worlds: Part 1
4 Turgeon Commercial: 60
5 War of the Worlds: Part 2
6 Keyhole Fashions :60
7 War of the Worlds: Part 3
8 Sattlers Records: 60
9 War of the Worlds: Part 4
10 War of the Worlds: Part 5
11 Turgeon Commercial: 60
12 War of the Worlds: Part 6
13 War of the Worlds: Part 7
14 War of the Worlds: Closing
15 Twin Fair Records and Tapes: 60
16 Vampires
17 McDonalds: 60
18 Keyhole fashions: 60
19 Sattlers Records: 60
20 KB ID
21 The Darkness: Part 1
22 Turgeon: 60
23 The Darkness: Part 2
24 Twin Fair: 60
25 The Darkness: Part 3
26 McDonalds: 60
27 KB ID
28 The Bed: Part 1
29 Keyhole Fashions: 60
30 The Bed: Part 2
31 Sattlers :60
32 The Bed: Part 3
33 Twin Fair: 60
34 The Monkey’s Paw
35 People, Places, and Things: UFO’s
36 Promos

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