Chatty Cathy and Timey Tell 1971

Here are a couple chatterboxes from the 70s. Chatty Cathy and Timey Tell. I remember seeing commercials for Chatty Cathy but not the Timey Tell doll.

Chatty Cathy and Timey Tell from 1971
Chatty Cathy and Timey Tell from 1971

Please feel free to comment about your own memories of these toys or others. Helps me get ideas for further posts. I found an older commercial for her from the 60s.

hi there!!!
i just LOVE these cute dolls!!! i don’t remember them when i was little but, i do remember 2 of their same size/style friends name “hi dottie” and “peachy & her puppets”.
i remember those 2 cuties cuz my cousin (who is 2 years older than me) had the 2 dolls. and when i was little, “hi dottie” was my favorite. i always thought she was so pretty but my cousin would never let me play with her.
when i was around 7 years old, i went to the 2nd hand store with one of my aunts and i found a naked “hi dottie” doll that had lots of beautiful light brown hair. i only had $5 in my pocket and she had a price of $7 written on her stomach in marker. i coudn’t believe that i didn’t have enough money to buy her, i was so upset. i carried her all through the store just looking at her and admiring her face & hair. my aunt could see how much i liked her & wanted her and could see the disappointment on my face when we got to the register and she asked me if i was going to buy the doll. i told her i only had $5 and that it wasn’t enough to buy the doll so, she gave me the $2 i needed to buy “hi dottie”. i ran back so fast to where i had laid her down and i swooped her up!!! all the way home, i held her in my arms on the bus.
once we got to my aunt’s house, she washed her up for me and i brushed her hair. i was so happy.
although, sadly enough, when i went home for the week, i left her at my grandma’s house so that when i came for the weekend, i could play with my “hi dottie” doll. so, i put her away in a box in my grandma’s garage and i never seen her after that. this was over 30 years ago. and i’ve asked my other aunt & cousins, who now live in my grandma’s house, if they ever found a doll that i put away in a box and they say they’ve never seen or found any doll in a box. my poor “hi dottie”, i don’t know what happened to her???
thank you for posting this advertisement for mattel’s “timey tell” and the (reissued) “chatty cathy”. it was really neat to see the original advertisements for these dolls.
i would love to see the original advertisements for “hi dottie” and “peachy & her puppets” too!!!
p.s. sorry for the long post/message……


Hi Christina, thank you for stopping by. Long post are always welcome! I love reading stories about those magical moments in people’s childhoods. I hope you eventually find your doll. Let me see what I can find on those two dolls for you!


Thanks for posting this! I had both the dolls featured above. This Chatty Cathy was a re-issue and featured the voice of Maureen McCormick who played Marsha on the popular television show, The Brady Bunch. Timey Tell was also one of my dolls. She came with her own watch and a duplicate watch for the lucky little girl.
I also had a Mrs. Beasley doll and a Tearful Baby Tenderlove doll which are not pictured here.
Fun, fun, fun!


Hi Carla and thank you for stopping by! Awesome bit of information on the voice for the re-issue. I had no idea that was Maureen McCormick. Mrs. Beasley is in one of the post in here, somewhere, and the Tender Love is planned for a future post. (If I had the time I could do a hundred post right away. lol. So many cool things from the 70s.)

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