Goodbye Training Wheels, Hello Gravel

I still get a chuckle with my parents about the many incidents I had as a child. I being one of those children that just seemed accident prone.

On this particular sunny day, it was decided that the time for my training wheels to come off my bike was at hand. (I think it was my older brother who decided this. I don’t remember my parents being outside at the time.)

So one side of my bicycle was cleared of a training wheel and I rode around until I got used to it. Then the other side was removed and I rode some more. In no time at all I was biking around just like the big kids do.

As I got more confident my speed became faster and faster. We had a gravel road for a driveway back then and there was a sharp curve to get back to the barns. I remember hitting this curve and I don’t know if the front tire hit something or if I just lost control but the front wheel turned side ways and the bike stopped suddenly sending me face first into the handlebars resulting in a bloody mouth and lots of skin abrasions.

I had already lost my upper front baby teeth and my new ones were starting to grow in when I kissed the handlebars. And as you probably have guessed, I ended up pushing both of those two front teeth back into my head.

So off to the dentist we went where the doctor assured my parents that I was fine and the teeth would resume their course of filling the big hole in my mouth. And eventual they did, though to this day I wonder if that is the reason I have a severe overbite.

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