The Blizzard of 78

A 1970s remembrance blog for a Hoosier would not be complete without an entry about the Blizzard of 1978.

I was 12 years old and stuck in school. The teachers had moved all the students to the high school auditorium where we watched movies until our parents could come to get us. I only lived a quarter mile from school but I do not remember why I was not able to take the bus home. They may have suspended all bus travel that day. I think we had five inches of snow already and they were forecasting a blizzard.

Around 7 or 8 PM my dad was finally able to get to the school to pick me up. I can vaguely picture the swirling snow in my mind and I remember how cold it was. It was a bad storm for sure, but nothing that we had not seen before. Two days later I had a new meaning to winter wonderland. We had twenty plus inches of snow. I can imagine that it was a nightmare for my parents to deal with all that snow. But for me and my brother it was an amazing time.

We lived in the country in a one story house, and I kid you not, the drift in the back of our house was as high as the roof. You could literally walk up the drift and step right onto the roof of the house. The roads were completely covered. Neither man nor beast stirred as far as the eye could see.

Within a few days my brother and I had so many snow tunnels in the back yard that the Viet Cong would have been envious. Ammo depots were strategically placed throughout the tunnel system filled with snowballs ready to repel any invaders. (Never mind the fact that the roads weren’t even open! lol)

Since we had been supplied with groceries by snowmobile, we just had to wait patiently for the snow plows to open the roads. I do not recall how long it took, I just remember what it was like to finally climb in the car and pull out onto the highway. The drifts must have been ten foot tall on each side of the road. It was like being in a tunnel. You could not see over them, you could only see where you were going and where you had been.

The Blizzard of 78 is one memory I will never forget.

This was the only picture I could find in my parent’s photo albums. It doesn’t show the drift in the back of the house that reached the roof but shows a lot of snow none the less.

Blizzard of 78

What were your memories of the Blizzard of 78?

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