Johnny West and G.I. Joe

The second greatest toy of all time is actually a tie because I played with both toys at the same time. Johnny West and G.I. Joe.

My Johnny West collection consisted of:

  • Johnny West (Had several of these)
  • Geronimo (couple of these)
  • Jamie West
  • Josie West
  • Sam Cobra with the Quick Draw
  • Sir Gordon
  • General Custer
  • Lots of horses

and my G.I. Joe collection:

  • I had one of the really old ones with hard plastic legs that did not move.
  • I had a couple with “real” hair.
  • I had a couple of the pull string talking ones.

These toys got hours of playtime almost daily. They were good for indoor rainy day playtime as well as outdoor adventures in all seasons. (Though many accessories seem to vanish in the snow!) For the most part they took a beating. We had many instances of broken Johnny West trigger fingers and springs. (We discovered that we could use rubber bands to replace the broken springs.) G.I. Joe held up a lot better since they were a harder plastic, but the real hair did end up with bald patches.

I can remember watching all of the G.I. Joe commercials during Saturday morning cartoons. There were a lot of G.I. Joe sets I wanted, like the Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb. Of course as a child you want it all and I am guessing that the sets were pretty costly.

I still have most of these toys in an old wood toy box at my parents house.

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